Every company has a past and ours is quite special and unconventional, almost taken from a fairy.

The unexpected organization of a wedding, was what made us realize we had the need and capacity to connect people;
we were successful when we undertook projects that they were aligned with our passion and vocation.

Today we can assure you that we are the communication company you need.

We got here following our dreams and working hard. We can look back proud of our achievements, our team, and the success of the clients that have trusted in us along this path.

We will accompany you and advise you in this process, thus you can create the impact you expect at the right moment.

Did you know that in Japan there are more than 12,000 companies that were founded over 100 years ago and in Spain only 100? We were quite shocked when we heard it and thought, why?
What do they do so well to make them so long-living?

We investigated and have the best kept secret of Japanese culture and we know how they put it into practice. During the process we will work together with your team, as its fundamental and necessary, to be aligned to achieve the same goal: excite, connect and create the successful link with your brand.

We are curious and restless, constantly keeping updated to always offer you the best services: new methods, new praxis, new solutions. The aim for a well done job for and with our clients, supports us. We couldn’t imagine a different way to do it.

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